This is Scout. This is the look Scout gives when he's about to jump up and knock your glasses off.

Scout shows off his slick jacket from when he headed up the olympic luge team.

This is Scout and the human he walks every Tuesday thru Friday.

Practicing for his police K9 unit test, Scout has apparently located some snow.

Look at that concentration..

Of course, he does have a habit of eating what he finds, which won't go over well when he's sniffing out pipe bombs.

Note to self: When innocent little puppies ask grown-up questions about french kissing, CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

Scout hoofs it to the puppy video store (They only have Beethoven 1-5, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and 2 Benji movies nobody ever rents).

Oh man, I know there's something in here...


This is the moment on our visits with Scout when we turn and run for our lives...

..And this is why.

The smirk of a rascal!

Are you talking to ME?

Ok, so his basic coordination skills could use a little tweaking....

Vizsla puppy energy: 1....High-speed auto focus: 0.

With a distaste for cliche's, Scout speaks softly and carries a really, really, really tiny stick.

Vizslas: High energy, friendly, good with kids, talented contortionists.

We wait patiently while Scout shows us the proper technique for sneaking up on your sworn enemy..

Which, for him, is this stupid leash!

Scout: Just chillin'.

Either I'm about to get a lecture on personal space, or I'm leaving the house with one less finger.

You want me to go where?

Back off, bub!